Gapless Playback

What is Gapless Playback?

Gapless playback is an often desired feature for deeply invested music listeners, as it specifically allows for seamless transitions from track to track. This is important for those who enjoy listening to albums that were designed to have the tracks run together, such as with certain studio albums--like those from Pink Floyd or The Beatles--or with live recordings. Having a clean and smooth transition with no silence between the tracks means the original audio experience is maintained. It's also a benefit for the casual listener, as you spend more time listening to music and less time listening to silence.

How can I use Gapless Playback with DTS Play-Fi?

Starting with software version 8.1, all forms of playback from the app are gapless, including critical listening mode and even multiroom music with 16 connected products. Any track from any supported service within the DTS Play-Fi app will play back to back, without added silence between the tracks. Play-Fi won't remove any silence inherent to the tracks, so that the original file integrity (or intended silence) is maintained.

For the best gapless experience, use lossless audio formats such as FLAC, AIFF, or WAV. Lossy formats such as MP3 will have data padding added during the encoding process, which will present as a brief silence at the start of tracks.

What DTS Play-Fi products support Gapless Playback?

Starting with 8.2, Gapless Playback is available for just about all Play-Fi products, with the only exception being AVR products from:

We are working with the manufacturers to add gapless support to their products, and for any that need an update, please let the manufacturers know that you're interested in the functionality.

Do Transferred Streams support Gapless Playback

As of 8.3, yes! So all forms of DTS Play-Fi streaming are now capable of gapless audio rendering.