Play-Fi User Interface Updated

The Play-Fi app receives an update to improve the User Interface for users on both Android and iOS. Prior to this update, users would browse and select based on a standard list-based interface that was easy to use, but required what some considered to be 1 or 2 taps too many. The new interface features a modular design, that dynamically adjusts based on the users input and the active Play-Fi sessions, while decreasing the time to play.

This update also provides additional functionality, not present in the original user interface. Users now have the ability to:

  • Switch - At any time if a user wants to change the playback session to another room or group, the user need only tap the "Switch" button to pick the destination to move the zone.
  • Source Swap - With a simple swipe on the zone module, users can quickly pick another content source to play from the integrated Play-Fi partner msuic services.
  • Auto-Connect - Reconnect automatically to a favorite Play-Fi product or group to quickly and easily start audio playback again

Play-Fi remains the most robust , lossless, open multiroom platform, and now is the most user friendly and feature rich.