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Update 991

Important!  Wren customers please click here.

What You Need

  1. These instructions.
  2. A USB flash drive with 15 MB of free storage.  The USB drive should use the FAT32 format.
  3. Using a Windows PC or Mac, download the USB update package from this link here. Open up the zip archive (your browser should automatically do this upon download completion), and copy the "phorus" folder exactly as it is to the top level of your USB flash drive.

USB Flash Drive Play-Fi Module Update

  1. Unplug the Play-Fi product from power.If product is battery powered, hold down power button until it is powered completely off (no lights on).
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the back of the unpowered Play-Fi product.
  3. Plug the Play-Fi product back into power, which should make the product light up (some also make a startup tone).
  4. After a short period of time you may hear another tone from the speaker, and this indicates the process has started.
  5. After about 3-5 minutes or so--and several interspersed tones and restarts--eventually the product's Wi-Fi light will enter a Double-Blink pattern (the WPS pattern), which is distinct from the pulsing or fast blinking patterns. The unit will also make a tone every 5 seconds. All of this means the process is done.
  6. Unplug the Play-Fi product from power. Make sure product is powered completely off.
  7. Remove the USB drive.
  8. Plug the Play-Fi product back into power, and it will be ready to connect to the network, and process the rest of the update from the app, or follow these instructions here to finalize the rest of the update over USB.
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