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Connect. Select. Play. 
It's that easy.

Everything you need to enjoy your music, from set up to streaming, is right here in the easy-to-use Play-Fi app.

iOS Play-Fi App - home screen


Speaker options appear instantly. Choose a speaker in one room, or link them all for the ultimate whole-home listening experience. 

Easily set up speaker groups, like upstairs and downstairs, too! 

Add speakers anytime. You can even transfer the music from one room to the next if you like!

iOS Play-Fi App - connect


Your favorite streaming services are built right in. Use your existing login, and all your settings, stations and preferences appear. 

Browse your iTunes playlists, choose a radio station, or find a favorite album on your home network. 

Ready for something new? The music menu is always just a touch away.

iOS Play-Fi App - select


You're all set! The now playing screen gives you album art and complete control of the music. Or, hit the Play-Fi icon to get at-a-glance access to multi-zone streaming, remote volume control, and other advanced features. 

You can even leave the app entirely, with instant music control right from your phone or tablet's lock screen.

iOS Play-Fi App - streaming

And set up is a snap!

Set up your new system right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. 

Use the Wi-Fi settings to connect new speakers to the network in just a few minutes. 

Give the speaker a name, and you're done. Add new speakers the same way. Step-by-step instructions are right in the app.

iOS Play-Fi - setup

The music choices are awesome.

Tune into Tidal, stream from Spotify*, pick a station on Pandora, relax to Rhapsody, or dial into iHeartRadio or Sirius XM. Global favorites are streaming, too. 

Enjoy FM, AM, Internet Radio and podcasts, including the BBC, Radio Disney, NPR, and thousands of stations around the world. 

Stream via DLNA from a connected media server or PC. The selection is growing all the time, so stay tuned... 

*Requires Spotify Premium account

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DTS Play-Fi Headphones

With the new DTS Play-Fi Headphones app, you can enjoy high quality TV audio privately through any pair of headphones.

Not only do you get the great sound quality and tight A/V synchronization of DTS Play-Fi, you can also connect to multiple headphones or speakers at the same time.  Download the app from the iTunes store.  Works on newer select models of Play-Fi devices.

DTS Play-Fi Headphones
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