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Play-Fi Home Theater

Movie night just got a whole lot better! With a Play-Fi enabled TV, you can extend your movie experience in myriad ways over Wi-Fi.

Get some extra power by linking a wireless sound bar, boost the impact by adding a wireless sub, extend the audio with wireless left and right speakers in the front or the rear, or immerse yourself in all of the above, all powered by Play-Fi!

Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater

The latest update of Immersive Home Theater to Play-Fi compatible TVs means they support 12 channels of discrete sound.  Playback of immersive sound formats like DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced is now possible over standard Wi-Fi.

Customizable home theater configurations can be as simple as a wireless soundbar connection, to the truly immersive with discrete speakers, surrounds, and subwoofers, supporting layouts up to 7.2.4


Stream From Your TV

DTS Play-Fi's Stream From feature wirelessly extends the TV experience throughout the home to compatible DTS Play-Fi products.

So as some watch the news or the big game in the living room, others can stay in tune as they make a meal in the kitchen or relax on the patio.

DTS Play-Fi TV Audio

Music at your fingertips

Playing your favorite music and radio in your living room has never been easier with DTS Play-Fi. Just open the DTS Play-Fi app to connect, select, and play your content!

With DTS Play-Fi the music is always in sync between TVs and speakers. Play-Fi compatible TVs enjoy a rich visual experience complete with artist details, song tiles, station art and album art.

DTS Play-Fi Music

Wireless Headphones

Besides streaming TV audio to other Play-Fi products, users can also take advantage of the DTS Play-Fi Headphones App to enjoy a private listening experience.

The DTS Play-Fi Headphones App for iOS and Android works with your existing headphones to provide portable listening with pairing-free setup, outstanding audio quality, and whole-home wireless range.

Wireless headphones

An endless supply of music

DTS Play-Fi gives you all the content you need for your listening pleasure with all the popular music services such as Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Qobuz, Tidal, and more.

Even your own music library is available to stream on the phone or via DLNA from a connected media server or PC. The selection is growing all the time, so stay tuned!

Music services

Freedom of choice

No matter how you listen to music or radio, DTS Play-Fi has the most variety of any whole home audio ecosystem with 29 brands and over 300 products on the market.

From tabletop speakers, to AVRs, to sound bars, to portable speakers, and now televisions, DTS Play-Fi works with everything.

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