Can I play a video and hear the audio on my Play-Fi product?

There are a few different answers to this question depending on how you want to watch your video.

With the Play-FI Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire apps, no.  The apps are built to support streaming audio only, and there aren't built-in video services.  

With the Play-Fi Driver for Windows, you can stream any audio at all from the PC to your Play-Fi products, including video content. It also offers a Video mode, which allows you to sync the audio from any video, whether from a movie file or YouTube, to any one Play-Fi product on your network.

Using the Play-Fi enabled Television products, such as those from Philips, you can enjoy a video on your tablet and stream the audio to your speakers with excellent synchronization.

Additionally, making use of the "Stream From" feature, you'll be able capture audio from an input, such as a connected TV via HDMI or optical, and distribute that audio wireleslly to other products.

If your Play-Fi product is AirPlay enabled, you can stream audio from videos to your speakers that way.  For more on AirPlay streaming with your Play-Fi product, click here.