In what ways does Play-Fi support Alexa?

There are 2 ways that Play-Fi has or is going to have compatability with Alexa.

1. Integration of Alexa Voice Services: When we talk about this, we're referring to building into a product full support of Alexa Voice Services so that it is an Alexa product like an Echo or Dot, but with the added functionality of DTS Play-Fi, coupled with the specific design and sound signature of the audio brand partner. These products have microphones that are designed to hear you from far away or while music is playing, and will respond to commands for the Alexa voice assisstant, and all of its integrated features and skills, which also includes music playback, etc. These products are available now from Onkyo, Pioneer, and Phorus, with more coming soon.

2. "Works with Alexa" or Alexa Connected Speaker: This particular feature is likely what you've heard a lot about, or what is more common with products integrating with Alexa. This means that you can ask any AVS product such as the above, an Echo or Dot, or even those made by third parties to inititate and control Alexa-based music streams on DTS Play-Fi products that can integrate this functionality. This is something that we're still working on with Amazon and our Audio brand partners, and should begin rolling out around the end of the year, or in the first part of January.