Products that Support Play-Fi Surround

There are two elements of product required for Play-Fi Surround. They are the concepts of the Master and its Surrounds. In order to have Play-Fi Surround, you need at least one product that can be the Master, and you need two to act in Surround as Left and Right respectively. Any Play-Fi product can act as Surround Left or Right, but the Master has special requirements, and is limited to select products.

For a Play-Fi product to qualify as a Play-Fi Surround Master, it must:

Play-Fi does not limit this functionality to product type, so as long as the product supports the above, it can be a Play-Fi Surround Master. Speak with your product manufacturer to find out if your Play-Fi product supports the Play-Fi Surround feature, or if one is coming soon, either via an update or hardware revision.