Recommended Routers and Network Specifications

Play-Fi is compatible with all routers that are Wi-Fi certified and meet Wi-Fi standards. Uncertified routers may cause problems for your Play-Fi products.  A list of known problematic routers is here.

Recommended Specifications
While all certified routers should work, for the optimal Play-Fi streaming experience, we recommend using a router that is rated at least “N600”.   This designation means the router supports 802.11n dual band with a speed of 300Mbps on each band. You’ll see the rating “N600” in the router name, or on the front of the box.

N600 Router

These are the detailed N600 specifications you should look for:

LAN Ports:



Operating Frequency:

Data Rate:

Please note that these are recommendations and not requirements. Play-Fi does work with routers with lower performance specifications, and the experience may be acceptable or good.  However, using a router with these performance levels will dramatically reduce the chances that your network set up will interfere with the enjoyment of your Play-Fi products.

Examples of Routers that meet this specification: 

This series of routers has reliable and consistent performance in our internal testing and strong customer reviews. We’ve organized them in a “Good, Better, Best” format:

Router Description Type of Home Where to Buy
ASUS AC1300 This router meets the recommended specs, is low-cost, and is superb for providing a quality Play-Fi experience Apartment or Condo


ASUS AC1900 This router exceeds the recommended specs, provides faster speeds and greater ranges, and provides a superior Play-Fi experience 1-2 Story Home or Ranch Home Amazon
ASUS AX3000 This router greatly exceeds the recommended specs, provides incredible speed and range, has the newest Wi-Fi standard, and provides one of the best Play-Fi experiences. Large, Multistory Home Amazon