Recommended Routers and Network Specifications

Play-Fi is compatible with all routers that are Wi-Fi certified and meet Wi-Fi standards. Uncertified routers may cause problems for your Play-Fi products.  A list of known problematic routers is here.

Recommended Specifications

For the best experience using Play-Fi, you'll want a router that supports:

Play-Fi does not require the above specifications, and can operate on networking components well below these current standards. However, routers that support the above will be able to better manage the media traffic of Play-Fi without interfering with other networking operations, and they will be far less likely to drop Play-Fi transmissions when there is other network traffic.

Examples of Routers that meet these specifications: 

This series of routers has reliable and consistent performance in our internal testing, and they also has have great overall customer reviews. We’ve organized them in a “Good, Better, Best” format:

Router Description Type of Home Where to Buy
ASUS AC68 This router meets the recommended specs, is low-cost, and is superb for providing a quality Play-Fi experience Apartment or Condo Amazon
ASUS AX68 This router exceeds the recommended specs, provides faster speeds and greater ranges, and provides a superior Play-Fi experience 1-2 Story Home or Ranch Home Amazon
ASUS AX86 This router greatly exceeds the recommended specs, provides incredible speed and range, has the newest Wi-Fi standard, and provides one of the best Play-Fi experiences. Large, Multistory Home Amazon