Stream from an audio input

Certain Play-Fi products have the capability to capture audio from one of their on-board audio inputs and then redistribute it through a Play-Fi group. We call this "Stream From", and speakers paired together streaming from another input source are called a "Stream From" Zone.

To initiate a "Stream From" Zone, simply tap on the + button on the Play-Fi Control screen, then pick your compatible product and select the "Stream From" option. The "Stream From" screen will display and list the configuration optiosn for the zone.

After selecting the product, if it has more than one audio input, you'll be able to select which one you'd like as the source. You can also select between the content type, which includes a Music mode that uses DTS Play-Fi's lossless streaming method with a buffer to maintain audio playback integrity, and a TV Audio mode which removes the buffer and makes use of premium DTS codecs to transport across the network at high speeds to maintain synchrnicity with the source content. Lastly, you'll be able to select the additional Play-Fi products to join to the "Stream From" Zone.

The best part is that the app automatically remembers your last configuration, so that you can start streaming quickly the next time.

Once you're ready to go, just tap the Start button, and the app will send all the information over to the host product so that it can configure the zone. Now that everything is up and running, you can close the app or leave the network, and the "Stream From" Zone will continue to run so long as there is content being played on its input.

Products that support this feature are as follows: