What TVs support Surround Sound / Play-Fi Home Theater?

As a part of the new DTS Play-Fi Home Theater feature, certain televisions will be capable of working with other DTS Play-Fi products in the following ways:

This is a whole new feature set, and separate from Play-Fi Surround for soundbars. As such a soundbar with Play-Fi is not necessary to take advantage of most of the features above (apart from those specifically involving a soundbar).

While there are hundreds of televisions on the market today that support the DTS Play-Fi app for multiroom music and streaming the TV audio to other Play-Fi products or headphones, Play-Fi Home Theater is a newer feature and supported on the following models (including their size, regional, and color variations):

More models and brands are in the works, so stay tuned to the Play-Fi News section for additional announcements, and if you're interested in your model of television receiveing an update for Play-Fi Home Theater, reach out to your manufacturer and let them know.