Philips Launches TV & Sound Wireless Home System

Introducing Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System and the new Philips Sound app - specially designed to allow compatible Philips TV & audio products to easily and seamlessly connect and work together. The Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System is based on DTS Play-Fi technology, the premium whole-home, wireless audio platform that allows consumers to stream high-quality audio from mobile devices to compatible speakers throughout the home, using proprietary streaming, synchronization, and authentication technology.

This all started with the availability of DTS Play-Fi on 2020 model Philips Android TVs and is now expanding to include new compatible soundbar and wireless audio speaker models. All 2019 model Android TVs will also receive an over-the-air update to add DTS Play-Fi connectivity.

The Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System will feature two high-quality wireless audio speakers announced during the September launch - the vertically orientated W6205 and the larger horizontally orientated W6505. Both products offer the best of European design featuring a stylish dark grey acoustically transparent cloth wrap around the main body with an ultra-thin, minimalist metal top featuring controls for the main operation of the speakers. 

The W6205 features a 1” soft dome tweeter and a 3.5” woofer supported by two passive bass radiators that adopt Philips unique, patented wOOx multi-suspension driver system to offer the maximum bass extension, all working with an impressive 40W of power onboard. The result is a large-scale performance, projected far beyond the confines of the speaker cabinet. Music is presented with clear, detailed, treble plus deep but tightly controlled and accurate bass. Audio performance can be further extended by adding a second W6205 to form a stereo pair.

The larger W6505 offers a genuine room-filling performance thanks to the inclusion of two 1” soft dome tweeters plus two 3.5” woofers and two wOOx enabled passive bass radiators all powered by a generous 80W amplifier.

In addition to DTS Play-Fi connectivity, the W6205 and W6505 also allow a wide choice of wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2. Both speakers also feature Spotify Connect plus access to all major streaming services via the Philips Sound app powered by DTS Play-Fi.

Hands free control is also fully flexible with the W6205 and W6505 working with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and with spoken activation via Siri for connected iOS devices

As an additional unique feature, both speakers feature LED lights and can connect with Philips TV’s celebrated Ambilight system. The speakers can easily sync with the Philips TV to extend the immersive effect of Ambilight further into the room.


Raising the bar – seven new soundbars join the system

In addition to the new premium Philips Fidelio B95 & B97 soundbars, Philips TV & Sound is launching five additional soundbars in the company’s new high-quality 8000 range, all compatible with the Philips Wireless Home System.

The range extends from the single bar, integrated 2.1 channel 120W B8205 to the fully featured, 3.1.2 channel B8905 with Dolby Atmos Elevation drivers, 360W of power, a wireless sub and e-arc connectivity.   


On TV too!

The new Philips OLED805 series was the first model from a premium TV brand to include DTS Play-Fi technology within the set and now all of the 2020 Philips Android sets are compatible with the Philips Wireless Home System.

An over-the-air firmware update will bring the Philips Wireless Home System to all 2019 Philips Android TVs – from the 7304 model upwards - due in the 3rd quarter of 2020.


In Summary:

  • New high-quality Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System is based on DTS® Play-Fi® technology and streams audio over standard wi-fi networks.
  • Philips Sound app powered by DTS Play-Fi makes the installation and connectivity of Philips TV & Audio products simple and intuitive.
  • Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System supports new W6505 & W6205 high-quality wireless audio speakers, both launching in final quarter 2020.
  • Five Soundbars to launch in new 8000 Series from September 2020 as part of the new Wireless Home System.
  • New Philips Fidelio B95 & B97 premium soundbars also Wireless Home System compatible.
  • All 2020 Philips Android TVs already compatible with the system
  • 2019 Philips Android TV sets to be offered over-air firmware update to feature the new Wireless Home System
  • Philips’ Soundbar and Speakers feature Spotify Connect plus easy access to all major music streaming services available across the product portfolio.
  • Wireless speakers with built-in LED lights have unique ‘Works with Ambilight’ feature