How do I set up my Play-Fi System?

It's really simple! 

  1. Plug in your Play-Fi product and turn it on.  In some cases, the product will power on automatically when you plug it in.   The Wi-Fi indicator light should be pulsing slowly and steadily.
  2. If your Play-Fi product does not have its own audio output, you may want to go ahead and connect it to your AVR or speaker before proceeding with set up.
  3. Download one of the free Play-Fi apps from the Google Play store, Amazon app marketplace, or Apple App Store, or download the Play-Fi Windows PC software.
  4. Open the Wi-Fi settings menu on your phone or tablet.  Select the Play-Fi Device from the available options (as shown below), and then open the Play-Fi app.

  5. From here, the software will find your new speakers and connect them to the Wi-Fi network for you.  You will type in your network password once, and the app will do the rest.

  6. During installation, the app will look for and install updates for the Play-Fi products.  These product updates add a few minutes to the installation time.
  7. Once network set up and speaker updates are completed, you can select a name for your new speaker(s) and start enjoying the music!