Amazon Music and iHeartRadio join DTS Play-Fi

DTS adds Amazon's Prime-powered music streaming service and iHeartRadio's live and programmed listening archive to the Play-Fi multiroom platform for both Android and iOS. Now users can enjoy two new amazing services, without having to spend anything additionally to enjoy them.

With Amazon Music, users can enjoy currated playlists straight from the Prime catalog of the greatest music in the world. These playslists transcend genres, artists, and ages, and ensure that users will always be able to listen to what they want. And when not so sure, Prime Stations are designed around moods, current activities, as well as popular artists to provide a radio-like experience, without the ads. All of this is included with the Amazon Prime membership at no additional cost.

iHeartRadio lets users listne to loads of live and Intenret radio stations nationwide. Additionally, users can listen to their favorite podcasts, and even create currated stations of their own designed around artists, tracks, etc. This service is entirely free, and only requires registering with iHeart.

DTS Play-Fi continues to get bigger and better with this set of services, and more to come in the near future.