Broadcast Any Audio Input over DTS Play-Fi

In addition to the bevy of integrated Music services in the DTS Play-Fi app for Android and iOS and ability to stream anything from a Windows PC using the Windows Play-Fi app, users can now enjoy any audio they can connect to a supported audio input on a Play-Fi product with the new Line-In broadcast functionality in the Android and iOS Play-Fi apps. To enable this feature on a supported product, users will only need to tap the New Zone button in the app, and select the Line-In option. The app will automatically determine which products on the network support this new feature, and display them in the newly populated Line-In zone. Users will then be able to select the input they wish to capture from, and to what other Play-Fi products on the network to stream. The zone will remain active, even if the user leaves the network area.

This functionality is posied to launch first on select Polk Audio and Definitive Technology products, and will thereafer become a staple of newly launched Play-Fi products starting with the McIntosh products launching in June.