DTS Play-Fi Demonstrates its Commitment to Advancing the Home Theater at CES 2024

Philips TVs receive Play-Fi Immersive Home Theather update, allowing consumers to experience wireless spatial audio

At CES 2024, DTS, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Inc. (NYSE: XPER), will demonstrate its commitment to connecting consumers to powerful and immersive entertainment through its award-winning technology, DTS Play-Fi®.

DTS and Xperi are focused on delivering exceptional entertainment through sight and sound by pioneering immersive audio technologies for home theater systems, automobiles, mobile devices and beyond. Over the past year, DTS has made major progress in adding new partners to its Play-Fi ecosystem allowing consumers more ways to access the content they want from major music platforms and popular streaming services. DTS’s inventive technologies integrate seamlessly with our partners’ products to elevate the listening experience in a way that feels more intuitive, immersive and personal.

Elevating the Immersive Home Theater Experience

An honoree of the 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Content and Entertainment category, DTS Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater is the only whole-home wireless solution to support up to 12 channels of distinct sound for higher-fidelity listening. Playback of immersive sound formats like DTS:X, Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced from DTS Play-Fi compatible TVs is supported for discrete speaker layouts, up to 7.2.4 channels. This first-of-its-kind surround sound eliminates the need for wires, TV dongles and AV receivers, further simplifying and improving the home entertainment experience.

“In a recent consumer survey from DTS Play-Fi, respondents were more likely to consider purchasing a TV if it supported wireless surround sound speakers or if it could be used as part of a whole-home music system,” said Dannie Lau, general manager, DTS Play-Fi. “DTS Play-Fi enables both multi-room music playback and wireless surround sound by connecting TVs and speakers together using the same Wi-Fi radios already built into today’s smart TVs and connected speakers.”

DTS Play-Fi has expanded support into the smart TV ecosystem, allowing OEMs to easily adopt and power the wireless home entertainment experience. By working directly with leading TV OEMs and system-on-chip (SoC) manufacturers, Play-Fi is making it easy to quickly and seamlessly add wireless technology into smart TVs. Over the past year, Play-Fi has been deployed on AndroidTV, GoogleTV, VidaaOS, TitanOS, other widely used TV OEM operating systems, and on a variety of TV SOC platforms.

More Play-Fi TVs Coming to Market

TP Vision has updated select Philips TV models with Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater, becoming the first TVs to directly support wireless immersive audio playback over Wi-Fi. Included in this update are the OLED708, OLED808, and OLED+908 lines of OLED TVs, “The Xtra” lines of mini-LED TVs, and “The One” TV line.

New Announcements and Demonstrations at CES

In addition to the focus on smart TV adoption, DTS Play-Fi continues to add new partnerships and products into the fold across its offerings:

  • TuneIn Radio – The audio streaming service providing news, radio, sports, music and podcasts to over 75 million monthly active listeners is expected to join the Play-Fi ecosystem. All Play-Fi products, including TVs and set-top boxes, will have access to TuneIn Radio starting with the 8.6 version of the Android, iOS and Kindle Fire Play-Fi mobile apps, expected to be available later in Q1 2024.
  • Tidal Lossless Hi-Res Audio – Tidal’s latest “Hi-Fi Plus” streaming tier is now supported by DTS Play-Fi. Hi-Fi Plus subscribers will have access to lossless hi-res audio streams with resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz, for the best possible sound quality.
  • Argon Audio – Born out of Danish sound connoisseurs and retailer HiFi Klubben, Argon Audio is the latest company joining the Play-Fi ecosystem. Argon is expected to launch a new connected product line including the Forte A55 Floorstanding Speakers, Forte A5 and A4 Bookshelf Speakers, and SA-2 Streaming Amplifier supporting Apple Airplay2, Google Cast, Spotify Connect, Works with Alexa and Play-Fi. The Argon Audio Forte A55’s mark the first floorstanding speakers in the Play-Fi ecosystem.
  • Syng will be showcasing their award-winning immersive audio and spatial mapping technologies utilizing DTS Play-Fi for wireless connectivity. Syng’s object-based sonic architecture can play any format of recorded sound, including immersive formats, and make it tangible by remappng sound to any speaker layout with real time control of soundstage positioning.