DTS Play-Fi Launches Whole-Home TV Audio Streaming

Real-time audio streaming from select DTS Play-Fi enabled products to all DTS Play-Fi speakers throughout the home

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our "Line-In Streaming" feature: whole-home TV audio streaming, now available for select sound bars and all-in-one speakers. The free software update enables users to broadcast audio from any connected source, such as a TV, to other DTS Play-Fi speakers in the home.

The new whole-home TV audio feature synchronizes speakers to each other and to the video source, creating lip-synch accurate multi-room playback without an echo. The update is currently available for the following DTS Play-Fi-enabled products:

  • Definitive Technology W Studio Micro sound bar
  • Klipsch Gate receiver
  • Klipsch PowerGate amplifier
  • Klipsch RSB-8 sound bar
  • Klipsch RSB-14 sound bar
  • Klipsch The Capitol Three speaker
  • Klipsch The Three speaker
  • McIntosh MB50 streaming audio player
  • Onkyo Smart Speaker P3
  • Paradigm PW LINK pre-amplifier
  • Phorus PS10 speaker
  • Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4
  • Polk Omni S6 speaker
  • Polk Omni SB1+ sound bar

"We are excited to add whole-home TV audio streaming to the DTS Play-Fi ecosystem, allowing consumers to broadcast audio from their TV to other speakers without an echo or compromised video synchronization," said Dannie Lau, general manager, DTS Play-Fi, at Xperi. "Whether you're hosting a Big Game watch party, or just listening to your favorite show while cooking, DTS Play-Fi provides a no-compromise whole-home experience for TV listening. Additional DTS Play-Fi partners will incorporate the technology into their DTS Play-Fi enabled products this year, giving consumers even more flexibility when selecting their home theater products."