DTS Play-Fi Products are Compatible with QQ Music’s QPlay2 Streaming Technology

QQ Music is the most popular music streaming service in China with estimated 120 million subscribers. DTS Play-Fi is now compatible with QPlay2, the latest version of their wireless streaming technology offered by QQ Music to all its users.

In order to take advantage of QPlay, a user needs to enable the function in the settings of the QQ Music app. After QPlay is enabled, they can choose a desired playlist and once the music starts, the mobile device can be used for other functions. With QPlay2, a listener can queue up any content they wish to play in the QQ Music app, select their DTS Play-Fi device from the connected button in the Now Playing screen, and the music will start streaming seamlessly.

The DTS Play-Fi technology continues to offer its users more flexibility and ways to customize how content is consumed.