Hi-Res Gapless Playback Now Available Through DTS Play-Fi App

Introducing Hi-Res Gapless Playback. Enjoy uninterrupted listening of your favorite albums and performances, now supported in the latest 8.1 release of the DTS Play-Fi App. With the latest update, listeners can enjoy their favorite albums without experiencing interruptions or “gaps” in playback between tracks. High resolution, up to 24-bit / 192kHz, gapless playback is supported across available music services, including local playback and from media servers on compatible devices.

Hi-Res Gapless Playback is a unique component of the DTS Play-Fi wireless platform --not available in wireless solutions from mobile operating systems-- made to be effortless and easy to experience.

No need to engage special settings, toggles, or modes: Regardless of whether using a single Play-Fi product in Critical Listening mode, or up to 16 in multiroom, users can enjoy a smoother listening experience, and a more immersive one for live concerts or classic albums like those from Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

Starting with with this update, newer Play-Fi products will be receiving this feature first, and more will be recieving the feature shortly after. If you'd like additional information regarding gapless, uses, etc., more details can be found here. DTS Play-Fi is always being updated and improved with new features and experiences, so look forward to more announcements soon.