Onkyo/Pioneer AVRs get Hi-Res streaming with DTS Play-Fi’s “Critical Listening” mode

Owners of select Onkyo/Pioneer network A/V receivers and network stereo receivers are receiving an update today enabling DTS Play-Fi's Critical Listening mode, which supports Hi-Res Audio streaming up to 192 kHz/24-bit in resolution. For these products, this is the premiere and exclusive way to enjoy Hi-Res content via services such as Amazon Music HD and Qobuz, as well user content from Media Servers (NAS) or local storage on Android and iOS device via compatible Play-Fi Apps, such as Onkyo Music Control and Pioneer Music Control.

DTS Play-Fi is a premium wireless audio ecosystem for whole-home music, whole-home TV audio, and app-based private listening, supporting high-resolution audio streaming and sub-millisecond playback accuracy. DTS Play-Fi normally plays music streams in their native format and encoding, so users can enjoy a lossless wireless multiroom experience. Hi-Res Audio, however, is down-sampled to CD quality to maintain compatibility across all products within the ecosystem.  When using Critical Listening mode with supported products, Hi-Res Audio, up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution, is streamed without down-sampling or re-sampling, delivering bit-perfect audio with full signal integrity, completely free of network Induced jitter.

A sample of the products recieving this update include (but is not limited to):


Network A/V Receiver                   TX-RZ3400, TX-RZ840, TX-RZ740, TX-NR797, TX-NR696
Network Stereo Receiver              TX-8390
Smart Speaker                              VC-PX30


Network A/V Receiver                   SC-LX904, SC-LX704, VSX-LX504, VSX-LX304
Smart Speaker                              VA-FW40

Check with Onkyo/Pioneer for more updates regarding specific models.