Wireless Surround Sound Coming End of October for Polk Audio and Definitive Technology

Sound United, a company that supports a diverse portfolio of high performance audio brands, today announced that Polk Audio Omni and Definitive Technology Wireless Collection DTS Play-Fi® lines will support wireless surround sound. The firmware update will be available October 25th for compatible products within both wireless music systems. As the first DTS partner brands to leverage DTS Play-Fi's wireless surround technology, Polk Audio's Omni SB1 Plus and Definitive Technology's W Studio Micro sound bars will have the capability to pair with an array of Play-Fi enabled all-in-one speakers. These include the Polk Omni S2, S2R and S6 and Definitive Technology's W7 and W9 options, to provide an even more immersive and streamlined home theater environment with discrete 5.1 surround sound.

"While Polk Audio and Definitive Technology have always been laser focused on providing the absolute best audio for home theater, we have invested heavily in meeting users' demands to provide true surround sound without the clutter of wired, rear speakers," saidKevin Duffy, CEO and president of Sound United. "With DTS' commitment to continuously updating its Play-Fi technology, we're able to provide consumers with sound bar and wireless all-in-one speaker ecosystems that are simple to set up, easy to use and great sounding."

The Polk Audio Omni SB1 Plus ($699), shipping now, is a re-engineered version of the original Omni Collection SB1 sound bar— enabling it to now support Bluetooth connectivity and with the upcoming firmware update,  wireless surround sound. Using the Polk Omni Utility app to update the firmware in the SB1 Plus, and the Polk Omni app to control the system, consumers can easily configure two Omni S2, S2R or Omni S6 speakers as wireless surrounds for an elevated home theater arrangement. Additionally, the completely wireless Omni S2R features an eight-hour battery life and indoor or outdoor compatibility, giving users the ultimate freedom in placement as it is not restricted by location of power outlets.

Definitive Technology's latest ultra-low profile sound bar, the W Studio Micro ($899), also supports wireless rear surround with the upcoming firmware update. With its slim stature, at just 1.75 inches tall, the sound bar seamlessly blends into any home theater environment, making it the perfect option for a sleek 5.1 wireless surround sound system that won't block the TV. Users can update the W Studio Micro Bar with the Definitive Technology Utility App and then use the Definitive Technology app to configure the system, which allows the Wireless Collection W7 and W9 speakers to pair with the sound bar and act as left and right rear channels within the W Studio Micro Bar, providing exhilarating surround sound without wires.

"We are excited to be launching DTS Play-Fi's wireless surround technology with Polk and Definitive Technology," said Dannie Lau, general manager, Play-Fi Division, DTS, Inc. "Cutting the cord will give people even more flexibility to create immersive audio experiences in their home. This enhanced functionality adds to Play-Fi's industry-leading support for hi-res audio, A/V synchronization and leading music services from around the globe."

Enhancing the sound quality even further, the Polk Omni wireless speakers, including the Omni S2, S2R and S6 receive a Dolby decoded rear channel signal from the Omni SB1 Plus sound bar, which delivers discrete home theater surround sound. Additionally, Definitive Technology wireless speakers, including the W7 and W9, receive both DTS and Dolby decoding, enabling consumers with a wide range of high definition rear channel signals for a premium surround sound environment.

The Polk Omni Collection and Definitive Technology Wireless Collection are currently available for purchase on PolkAudio.com and DefinitiveTech.com, as well as in major retailers nationwide like Best Buy, Amazon.com and Crutchfield. To learn more about DTS Play-Fi's wireless surround sound technology, please visit www.play-fi.com.

About DTS, Inc. 
Since 1993, DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI) has been dedicated to making the world sound better. Through its pioneering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema, automotive and beyond, DTS provides incredibly high-quality, immersive and engaging audio experiences to listeners everywhere. DTS technology is integrated in more than two billion devices globally, and the world's leading video and music streaming services are increasingly choosing DTS to deliver premium sound to their listeners' network-connected devices. For more information, please visit www.dts.com.

About Sound United 
Sound United, a division of DEI Holdings, curates a diverse portfolio of audio brands including Polk Audio, an audio brand with more than 40 years of experience pioneering high-quality personal audio; Definitive Technology, a 25-year veteran in the high-end home audio space; and Polk BOOM, a portable audio brand targeting the youthful action-sports oriented consumer. To learn more about Sound United and its brands, visit www.soundunited.com.