New Features & Quality of Life Improvements for DTS Play-Fi

We're always making all sorts of improvements to DTS Play-Fi, but this time, there's so much, we had to make a special post about it. There's a lot here to enjoy, so we'll get right to it!


DTS Play-Fi Headphones

We have a dedicated news article for this already, but we're officially launching on both Android and iOS with this new update. This new feature is part of a brand new app called DTS Play-Fi Headphones, and allows users to connect to compatible DTS Play-Fi products to stream audio from an on-device input source and maintain sychronization between the audio and that original source. You can even have multiple apps connected to the same source at the same time.

Products that work with this feature are below:

  • Definitive Technology W Studio Micro sound bar
  • Klipsch Gate receiver, PowerGate amplifier, RSB-8 sound bar, RSB-14 sound bar, RW-1 speaker, “The Capitol Three” speaker, and “The Three” speaker
  • McIntosh MB50 streaming audio player
  • Onkyo Smart Speaker G3
  • Paradigm PW LINK pre-amplifier
  • Phorus PS10 speaker
  • Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4
  • Polk Omni S6 speaker and SB1+ sound bar
  • . . . and more coming soon!

If you have one of these products, but don't see it showing up in the list in the app, contact your manufacturer and they can be sure to get you updated as needed.


In-App Presets & Recents

If you find yourself playing a lot of the same stations, playlists, etc., this set of features is for you. The app can now store your play sessions as "scenes", so that you can easily tap and recall them. Whatever content you were playing, however you were playing it, and in whatever configuration around your house, it can all be stored to the app for a quick and easy way to get the music going.

Any time you want to save a preset, just tap the Save Preset button on the Now Playing screen or the zone module itself, and the app will capture the current session for recall.

Of course, if you'd rather have something more automated, the app also remembers whatever last you were doing in a session, and stores that in history under "Recents". Just like Presets, if you tap on any of these, it starts up automatically. Super easy.


Enhanced Play Queue

We've gotten a lot of requests to add the ability to queue music across more services, and with this new update, we're doing that. On Android, now not only can you queue Music on your phone/tablet and from music services like Tidal and Napster, you can now also queue in your local Media Servers. While browsing, you can tap on the option button to place any track or album into the queue in your specified order, edit the queue dynamically while it's playing, or just clear it entirely and start fresh.

On iOS, we decided to take it one step further. Not only can you now queue music in pretty much all of the available track-based services, you can create a queue that blends the tracks from different services together. If one service has a lot of tracks, and is just missing one or two, you can add in something from your local collection, or even another service, and playback doesn't have to stop. Feel free to keep the music going. Set it and forget it.


Switching the In-Focus Zone

For a while now, if users started a stream from their application, the controls for that zone would be made available to the system on the phone/tablet, which means you'd see controls and metadata in the notifications, lock screen, or even on connected smart devices such as smart watches, etc. The system would understand that this is the current zone that's "in focus". Of course, this was just for zones you started yourself on your phone/tablet.

Now the zone that's In-Focus can be automatically shifted based on your activities, thanks to the newest update. You'll notice that any time you do any activity over a zone in the Play-Fi Control screen (the default screen when you open the app) or even just scroll over it, you'll get a little highlight along the sides of the zone module, and this will indicate that we're sending this up to the phone/tablet system.

And it doesn't mater where this content is coming from, so Spotify Connect or even Amazon Alexa sessions can be controlled from your notifications, lock screen, or even smart watches. No matter what you're doing, we're making it easier for you to make adjustments with just a touch.


New Streaming Service: SOUNDMACHINE

We've added another streaming service to the app, and this one has a focus on business. Within DTS Play-Fi, we have support for business accounts on a few of our music services, but SOUNDMACHINE is designed primarily and exclusively for businesses. 

With SOUNDMACHINE, you can customize and tailor the musc experience entirely to the image you're trying to create for your place of commerce. No need to constantly manage the playlist: Set stations and customize the mood and theme of the music, and schedule days or certain hours for different types of music. You can fine tune your content, and even import and program special messages to compliment your business.

If you'd like to see more, Click Here for more details and a Free Trial offer!


More Products Work with Amazon Alexa

We're also updating several more DTS Play-Fi products to be Works with Alexa compatible. Here's what's coming in this update:

  • Arcam rPlay
  • Definitive Technology W Studio Micro sound bar
  • Klipsch RSB-8 sound bar
  • Klipsch RSB-14 sound bar
  • Polk Audio Omni SB1 Plus sound bar
  • Soundcast VG10 portable outdoor speaker
  • SVS Prime Wireless Speaker
  • SVS Prime Wireless Soundbase


. . . And lots of improvements and fixes!

As always, we're working diligently to fix issues and improve overall performance across the board for the DTS Play-Fi platform, and this update will see a whole host of improvements and fixes to issues that we've found and have been reported to us by our users.


If you're curious about some of the more complex features listed above, you can check our Knowledge Base, which has sections dedicated to the Presets and Amazon Alexa features. You can also e-mail us directly, or even just comment below.

We want you to know that we do absolutely read everything and are listening, even if we don't have a reply to every comment in the moment (we try to comment as much as we can), so please do share any and all thoughts you have with us so that we can continue to improve DTS Play-Fi together.